Saturday, November 15, 2008

So here we go.....

I have recently been re-listening to Pastor John Piper's talks on great men of the faith entitled, "Men Whom the World is Not Worth." While listening to him layout and describe these men's lives I began to notice a particular discipline that was consistent in all of them. They wrote! Some wrote for themselves, some for others in the form of published books, but all wrote for and about their growth and maturity in Christ. During Pastor Piper's talks he spends a large amount of time discussing this discipline in each of the men's lives, and also expounds on the discipline of writing himself. He goes so far as to say that true learning only happens when pencil hits paper, or in this case fingers hit the keyboard. So here I am, wireless keyboard in hand, writing. I am writing for writing sake, for my sake, and for my growth in the glory of my Christ.

As you will soon learn, if you so choose to read through these ramblings, that they will mostly be just that. Ramblings. I am a man of many things, and one of those is A.D.D. Because of this my trains of thought get derailed quite often. I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot sustain a single thought for more than a few seconds without it being completely blindsided by some other arbitrary thought that comes screaming into my conscious. Usually something completely off current subject like, "I wonder how that mark got that high on the wall." One of the hopes I have for this discipline of writing is that it will help me finishing and more accurately process the thoughts and passions that God would lay on my heart.

So, all of this being said, this is where the name comes from. This truly will be "Thoughts of a Disjointed Mind." I hope and pray that God uses these times of writing for His glory and my growth. I also pray that God would pour out His grace on these words that they may push, pull, or shove you closer to Him, the God of all creation and the giver of all joy.

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Amy said...

you are amazing and I can't wait to hear more of your crazy thoughts!!! I love you!!!